Tuesday, 28 June 2016

trip to Te Tuhi

Room 13 we went on the bus to Te Tuhi,We saw a big men called Jeremy.He showed us the people's art work.We did one too.When we go past the TV's the steam come's up in the air.We went to the movies to watch thing .Even we saw melting metal it was on the movies.It looked like lave.He showed us the name's in NZ he was showing us how to draw our face.At the art  gallery we had to out line the art and then we drew it in side I  drew MC Donald's the park TV down to the chocolate and Mallomars's and the movies and heaps of drawing.

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  1. Hi Punairuru I love hoe you put capital letters in your writing that's amazing. Next time spell New Zeland in stead of NZ so it will stand out more. The picture that you done is fantastic and beautiful. From your best friend Paige.