Thursday, 7 November 2019


Task description :For this task we had to try and solve these question for a review to help us for our test.We had a mix of different word problems that we had to solve and write down the answer and we had to write down what was the answer and how we solve the question.We had some measurement questions and some money questions that we had to solve.  it  was really hard  and I need some help  so  I asked Mrs Moala to help  me.

Thursday, 31 October 2019


WALT: Check theoretical probabilities by trials

This what we did we had to sort out what the most likely lolly then we had to do ti in order to the most likely than the least likely. After that we had to sort out prob 2 here it is, Next jarreka had to choice of 3 and the answers was 3.the last one there was six schools from east tamaki will play each other in a basketball completion, so here is my working out.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Genomics Hui

Today  we did a genomics hui the glen innes and glen brae school we had to get in groups of 4,5 or 6 groups when glen brae and glen innes school came we had two girls from each group so that made a total of 10 in my group there was me, tatiana, jozlo, saane, tepaia and nesi (sorry if i splled your name wrong) then we had to all sit down on the street. then sky and Viliami did the karakia, then we did a song, after that we got into groups like at the start and then we had to say our names and tell them what you enjoyed, then we had to have morning tea, then we had to do what we learnt and was it fun we had to do it around the world it was so awkward, then we had to do a question 8 of them and we got 15 points we came a tie with this group called dynamite, our one was called hp girls and wegot prizes that was a day it was so fun but so awkward.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Stage 1

Task Description:
this is our stage one from last term, it was so  hard and we all did it, it was finished this term which is term 4 we had to do 10 of them it was so hard but I really liked doing it.

How to be a good leader

How to Be a good leader

To be a good leader you have to show respect to the people around you, so that they can do the same thing you do if you are a leader, if you do something bad they will follow what you will do, that's why you have to do the right thing and think twice before doing it. For example when someone is talking don’t talk while they are talking.

You have to have a good attitude, because when your around children that won't do things bad what the older kids are doing, also you need good attitude because when you finish your work they will be really proud of us. You have to have a good attitude when your doing school assembly.

By being a good leader you have to be brave and smart, so that you will have a higher level. When you join you will be in the highest group, but in our year it doesn't really matter who the highest or lowest is in math or literacy. Also when you come to year 7&8 you can make friends on the first day of school. For example when someone is really stuck on something and they need help, just help them so that they know that you are very smart and very brave.

Evil Plots

Task Description:
This is our book it is called Evil Plot we had to do a character Descriptions of what every character were. then we had to to describe what each characters, explain how you know this, give examples from what they say in the text so that support your answers, we had to do seven after the seven characters,  we had to chose a character and tell them who would you be a why. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Siva Samoa

Task Description:
This Week  we  did a dance called Siva Samoa it is really cool it only took us a day to do it. it was a really cool movie to do here is the video. we learnt how to do the mo'e mo'e first which means a run. then we had to do a bow a ifa after we did that we woke up in the morning  and then we got to do some moves that we had to come up with so here is how routine we came up with.