Thursday, 28 March 2019

Statistcal Graphing

in our math class we did pie graphs and bar graphs and we worked really hard to do it we had to answer Question and doing true or false or can't tell and witch graph did you use and why? i would love to do this again.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019


On Tuesday th25 we did a tally chat of stuff any specifics of the event. We have to think of a event like where you going to go and what are we going to do at the place. In my group it was Me, Quincess, Silifaga and Kohatu. We all did sports we picked Netball, Softball, Rugby and swimming and the winning one was Rugby but we tried really hard.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Fitting with Fractions

this is my fitting with fractions task i was really hard until Mrs Moala showed me
i got use to it and had so much fun. I hope you can do my Question and answer it?


Thursday, 21 March 2019

DIMC Group

last week my group did a graph in my group it was Tatiana, Jolzo and jezakaia it took a really long time because we were not doing the right thing. Also we were not focused properly then we got it finally it took for a really long time 

Textile class

last week we did a paper with straight lines and diagonal lines
it was really hard for me because i tired on making it straight but i will not gert it
i still tried.some people didn't even tried to do it also some people didn't even do the lines.

Friday, 15 March 2019


this is my DMIC Work we had to figure out the year 8 sizes but we did us instead we had to figure out who is square and who is rectangle. So i was 56cm height and 156cm width and there are the other people. In my group it was Troy,Tj and Te Rangimaire I was the square in the team they were all rectangle but i didn't care.


Mixture of problems

My wrting

Thursday, 14 March 2019

ASB Poly fest

Yesterday the Year 7 and 8 people went to ASB poly fest were went to to groups of 4 we also had some amazing parent helpers  to come with us it was a really sunny day and very hot we went into our groups of 4 i was with Mrs Tele"a group the best group we had to share a bag each i shared with Daniella. So we got ready and went outside the gates to go on the buses we had three buses to jump on because we are a really big team.So we were the last one to jump on the bus we took of all i heard was talk talk talk sing sing sing and i was very quite. Then we got to ASB poly fest there was a problem when we went there something went wrong the people were suppose to give us the tickets but we never got any. So we had a talk and we were able to go through the girls in the front gave us some tickets and a map to put on our risks and look for some places we got into lines of 2 or 4 so we could fit. When we were in our lines Mrs Tele"a and Whaea Kelly put the tickets on our risks. So we had our ASB People taking us to our activities. After we fished our activities We had morning tea after morning tea We went back to the place in our lines and we did a dances battle. We had profession dances that could learn us when we were all finished we had lunch some people got Apple Juice like a LITER even though were not aloud Anyways when we finished our lunch we rested for 5 or 10 min so we can take a photo of all of the schools. So when we all got in the arena we took photos Heaps of photos. After we took photos we went into groups after we got into our groups we all went to go buy some stuff they were really expensive like $10 or $20 i got nothing because of that. After Mrs Tele'a gave us donuts because she was really kind it was very hot but we still ate it when we finished eating the donuts we got ready to take off so we walked to the bus and we were the last one again we gave the bus driver a donuts he really liked it. So we got droped off and say thank you to the bus man and we went back to our class to get ready for home.From punaiuru. Here are some photos

The Matriarch"s Tale

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Portuguese water dog

I was reading this book called the Portuguese water dog it was about a dog that couldn’t swim but he joined this team because this guy named Andy wanted to join because he always wanted a dog so he can join the team because if you don’t have a dog you can’t join now that he’s got a dog he can he was so happy to join but the dog wasn’t he was a Portuguese water dog but he needs to learn not to be scared of the water he had to get use to it so Andy couldn’t join (sad) but zack (the dog) got used to the water and he could join now then something sad happens zack got lost and he didn’t know where to go so he was walking on the streets and i saw a small dog near the rubbish bin and he said “hey you” (btw its a dog) “who’s that” the dog said and he looked and saw a small dog he said “follow me” so I followed the dog and there were heaps of stray dogs sleeping next to the bin they all Greeted themselves They went one by one they were very nice and the people found Zack the last work that Zack said to Tim was “i will bring people to save you stray dogs” .Andy was so happy to find him but one day something happened When they went into the tournament the camera faced Zack's face it was the time to do it because there was heaps of people then he run Andy said “Zack wait” and Andy knew he was Suppose to follow him so he told all the people to follow. And he ran on the streets and went to the place where the stray dogs were they said “ what are you doing” i said “there coming” then the people came and saw Zack and all of the stray.Andy said “is that why you wanted us to follow us” and then all of the other people saw them they got adopted and Andy had to dogs because he adopted Tim and they were all saved, adopted. Happy and save

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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Blog Commenting

We had to do blog comments to year 1 to year 8, they had to be positive, Thoughtful and helpful comments. It went boy and girl all the way it was really hard for year one's because I was looking for a good picture. then I found one it was really fun comment because I love writing.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Money Everywhere

this is my assignment from last week but I tried to do it I was really hard to do but I tried my best.

I really liked doing it it was really awesome thanks to Mrs Moala.

Problem Solving

Friday, 8 March 2019

Malaga Pasifika

this week i did the malaga pasifika with my home room class. we did a google side of malaga pasifika it is about all about me.I really liked writing it because i really love writting. LEAVE A COMMENT.

Why are Grandparents special?

Why are Grandparents special?

This writing will explain why are Grandparents are special to families.
Grandparents are the people who gave birth or raised
your parents.

Grandparents are special because they
Can babysit their kids without their

For Explain Whenever our parents are gone to a wedding or
Gone out at night the Grandparents can babysit them.also when
You are scared they can look after.


Bad haircut

the Pink Umbrella

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Textile class

in textile class we did sowing this is my photo of how i did is very cricked but who cares
i really like how our team worked together  

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


this is a DMIC Problem me and my group we figure out how many meters do they have to
walk to the kidney car park and back here is my paper for the DIMC Question.

Friday, 1 March 2019

All about me known yourself

Qualities                   Skills     Values what job would you like to
                                                                                                        Do in the future?
Honesty                     Creative  helping people     1I would like to
Friendly                     Communication learning new things             be a chef i really
Writing                       Practical Family & Friends                 love cooking.
Reading                     Logical   Being Important   2 I also want to
Patient                        Physical My Church                          be Traveller so
Hard-working                                                 My Culture i can look at
Calm                                                                                                          new thing
Creative                                                                                                     3 i want to be a
Organised                                                                                                  Sport Coach so
                                                                                                                  I can play any
Waka’s are used for traveling around the world and pick up people
to there place where they wanna go.


Paddle’s are used for paddling so you can’t just stay in the boat.

If u don’t use a paddle u will go nowhere without one.

A waka is made out of wood.
Image result for waka picture