Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Portuguese water dog

I was reading this book called the Portuguese water dog it was about a dog that couldn’t swim but he joined this team because this guy named Andy wanted to join because he always wanted a dog so he can join the team because if you don’t have a dog you can’t join now that he’s got a dog he can he was so happy to join but the dog wasn’t he was a Portuguese water dog but he needs to learn not to be scared of the water he had to get use to it so Andy couldn’t join (sad) but zack (the dog) got used to the water and he could join now then something sad happens zack got lost and he didn’t know where to go so he was walking on the streets and i saw a small dog near the rubbish bin and he said “hey you” (btw its a dog) “who’s that” the dog said and he looked and saw a small dog he said “follow me” so I followed the dog and there were heaps of stray dogs sleeping next to the bin they all Greeted themselves They went one by one they were very nice and the people found Zack the last work that Zack said to Tim was “i will bring people to save you stray dogs” .Andy was so happy to find him but one day something happened When they went into the tournament the camera faced Zack's face it was the time to do it because there was heaps of people then he run Andy said “Zack wait” and Andy knew he was Suppose to follow him so he told all the people to follow. And he ran on the streets and went to the place where the stray dogs were they said “ what are you doing” i said “there coming” then the people came and saw Zack and all of the stray.Andy said “is that why you wanted us to follow us” and then all of the other people saw them they got adopted and Andy had to dogs because he adopted Tim and they were all saved, adopted. Happy and save

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