Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Journal Writing Example

Walt: create a journal about your time in space
Walt: use use creative language to express your experiences 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

Daniella and spaceman- the earth was dying

One day the earth was dying. Danielle woke up and her and space girl watched the news. Space girl looked outside the bedroom window and space girl saw smoke in the air so she told Danialle. So Danielle look outside the door then she saw the smoke in the air. Then they grab their clothes and they went out the back of the backyard.Then they got their suit on and went in the rocket ship to Jupiter. So they went to Jupiter.

It look weird and it was so quiet.It look hard and there was nothing on this planet.So i looked around. So we stayed here the floor was very hard.

I am describing how it sight hear,feel,smell and taste so I heard the floor and it was quite then felt the floor and it was hard and I smell the planet and it smelt weird and I taste it.It taste weird as well.

I am on Jupiter it was a big planet with heaps of shapes and it was very colorful colors.there was big holes.

We  lived happily very after with this big planet Jupiter.

The Problem with Pluto.