Thursday, 7 November 2019


Task description :For this task we had to try and solve these question for a review to help us for our test.We had a mix of different word problems that we had to solve and write down the answer and we had to write down what was the answer and how we solve the question.We had some measurement questions and some money questions that we had to solve.  it  was really hard  and I need some help  so  I asked Mrs Moala to help  me.

Thursday, 31 October 2019


WALT: Check theoretical probabilities by trials

This what we did we had to sort out what the most likely lolly then we had to do ti in order to the most likely than the least likely. After that we had to sort out prob 2 here it is, Next jarreka had to choice of 3 and the answers was 3.the last one there was six schools from east tamaki will play each other in a basketball completion, so here is my working out.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Genomics Hui

Today  we did a genomics hui the glen innes and glen brae school we had to get in groups of 4,5 or 6 groups when glen brae and glen innes school came we had two girls from each group so that made a total of 10 in my group there was me, tatiana, jozlo, saane, tepaia and nesi (sorry if i splled your name wrong) then we had to all sit down on the street. then sky and Viliami did the karakia, then we did a song, after that we got into groups like at the start and then we had to say our names and tell them what you enjoyed, then we had to have morning tea, then we had to do what we learnt and was it fun we had to do it around the world it was so awkward, then we had to do a question 8 of them and we got 15 points we came a tie with this group called dynamite, our one was called hp girls and wegot prizes that was a day it was so fun but so awkward.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Stage 1

Task Description:
this is our stage one from last term, it was so  hard and we all did it, it was finished this term which is term 4 we had to do 10 of them it was so hard but I really liked doing it.

How to be a good leader

How to Be a good leader

To be a good leader you have to show respect to the people around you, so that they can do the same thing you do if you are a leader, if you do something bad they will follow what you will do, that's why you have to do the right thing and think twice before doing it. For example when someone is talking don’t talk while they are talking.

You have to have a good attitude, because when your around children that won't do things bad what the older kids are doing, also you need good attitude because when you finish your work they will be really proud of us. You have to have a good attitude when your doing school assembly.

By being a good leader you have to be brave and smart, so that you will have a higher level. When you join you will be in the highest group, but in our year it doesn't really matter who the highest or lowest is in math or literacy. Also when you come to year 7&8 you can make friends on the first day of school. For example when someone is really stuck on something and they need help, just help them so that they know that you are very smart and very brave.

Evil Plots

Task Description:
This is our book it is called Evil Plot we had to do a character Descriptions of what every character were. then we had to to describe what each characters, explain how you know this, give examples from what they say in the text so that support your answers, we had to do seven after the seven characters,  we had to chose a character and tell them who would you be a why. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Siva Samoa

Task Description:
This Week  we  did a dance called Siva Samoa it is really cool it only took us a day to do it. it was a really cool movie to do here is the video. we learnt how to do the mo'e mo'e first which means a run. then we had to do a bow a ifa after we did that we woke up in the morning  and then we got to do some moves that we had to come up with so here is how routine we came up with.

Friday, 18 October 2019

German Folk Dance

Task Description:
We had to do a German folk dance my partners were rozaidah, thida and delani (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) we did this dance the first thing was just for fun and the last.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Cheeks Cells

Task Description:
We had  to  draw cheek cells  of  what it looks like on 4x, 10x and 40x they photos are up top. my  buddies were jolzo and  Ilaisaane there are my things what i saw inside is down below the photos.

Percents, Fractions & Decimals

Task Description:
This week we had to do percents, fractions and decimals it was really hard to do  so  I needed help from my teacher we had to do 6 slides  of what percent it is, Then we had to fill in a table.

Ratio Practice

Task desertion:
 This is my ratio practice in term four the last term  it was really hard but it was really fun to  do because I love math so much.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Microscope Fun

this is some microscope fun that we done because we were finished already like very early , we had to draw what it looked like, To see what it looks like there is some photos on this slide, also of what we did.

Thursday, 19 September 2019


This is a recreating about a Bedmas song there is the lyrics you can sing along if you want to. For each questioning we had to explain which operation was completed first and why.

Cross country

PES Cross country 2019 

On cross country day, at 12:40 we had to get dressed for cross country but I had nothing to wear, I went to go get my lunch because I was really hungry. After there all got ready I was really color blind there was TOO many colors for me. We had to get in our room lines, we had to do one boy and one girl line. the colors were red, blue, yellow and green I was in blue but I wanted to be in yellow. All year 7 & 8 girls and the year 7 & 8 boys had two lines, when I was our turn I heard cheering when we got ready for the race when Mr somerville said “on your mark, get set, GO” CLAP there ran for it the first lap I was jogging, we went through the puddle, we had to do two laps it was really hard I went in my full uniform the first year 7 girl was nevaeh I tried really hard for this term and I made it.


WALT: understand basic algebra principles

We are learning algebra, the first one is about pets, we had to finished the sentence it was a dog is man's best friend, On the next slide this is all animals we had to guess what they were and I got them all right.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Plants cells and body cells

This is a thingy you have to do one of plants cells the other is body cells and both what is common out of those two here is my one  I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Math man and Bedmas

WALT:Use BEDMAS to evaluate expressions we had to do BEDMAS it was really hard to do because the first time I had to play a game for ten minutes and then has anwers some question. we had to watch a video, we then had to do one of the best 4 games that you did.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

microscope fun with Dr Thierry

we were looking at microscope we all had to get into groups of 4 to 5 in your group you all had to take turns. my partner was Daniella and Mata, first we had to look at the light then we used some specimen slides so that we can see animals, plants and creatures. it was really fun to do I hope we can do it next time. there was heaps of tittle to say it was really hard I didn't know how to use microscope but at least I had friends that did know.

Body parts

we had to talk about body parts there are 5 slides if you want to see it feel free there are also some other facts about it we haven't put on.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Neurons/Nerve cell

We were learning about Neurons/ Nerve cells here on the top is the name on the left side it is some facts and on the right side is what I learnt Down below there are some photo's to look what a Neuron is. 

Problem Solving

WALT: solve problems using algebraic equations.

We are learning about we had to slide and we had to write two variables and it say the intrusions. Next 2 slides we had to for each table, describe the rule in words.

Stealing to surive

we are talking about stealing to survive we had to brainstorm  of what this man stealing and is it ever OK to steal. we had to read some article. Then we had to do 3 reason and a conclusion of  is it ever  good to steal


Why we need to play sensible games at PES

Why we need to play sensible games at PES We need to play sensible games at school because what happens if someone gets hurt while playing a fighting game. You also have to watch out for little children, when you going to hit the corner while your playing tag with your friends, you always have to walk when you hit the Conner, you won’t know who will be there when they came out of the Conner of nowhere. When your play tag or hide and go seek you always have to walk when you get to the breeze, Also don’t hide underneath the chair, so that the teachers don’t have to bend down and come get you out of the chairs. When your playing cards, and your angry that you lost you don’t have to throw or bend the cards that wrong to do. Wherever you are, whatever you do you always have to play sensible games always just don’t do anything bad, like break the glass or make the walls muddy, We need to play sensible games at school because what happens if someone gets hurt while playing a fighting game. You also have to watch out for little children, when you going to hit the corner while your playing tag with your friends, you always have to walk when you hit the corner,you won’t know who will be there when they came out of the Conner of nowhere. When your play tag or hide and go seek you always have to walk when you get to the breeze, Also don’t hide underneath the chair, so that the teachers don’t have to bend down and come get you out of the chairs When your playing cards, and your angry that you lost you don’t have to throw or bend the cards that wrong to do. Wherever you are, whatever you do you always have to play sensible games always just don’t do anything bad, like break the glass or make the walls muddy,

Here is what I Explain about why we need to play sensible games at PES, here is my story and some reason down below I hope you like my reason and story.

1.We need to play sensible games at school because what happens if someone gets hurt while playing a fighting game.

2.You also have to watch out for little children, when you going to hit the corner while your playing tag with your friends, you always have to walk when you hit the corner,you won’t know who will be there when they came out of the Conner of nowhere. 

3.When your play tag or hide and go seek you always have to walk when you get to the breeze, Also don’t hide underneath the chair, so that the teachers don’t have to bend down and come get you out of the chairs

4.When your playing cards, and your angry that you lost you don’t have to throw or bend the cards that wrong to do.

5.Wherever you are, whatever you do you always have to play sensible games always just don’t do anything bad, like break the glass or make the walls muddy,

Monday, 9 September 2019

Decimals story problems.

WALT: solve problems by adding decimals.

We are learning about decimals we had to figure out 5 question, you  have to show the people how you worked it at and got the question so i did that I hope you enjoy

Adding Decimals

Adding Decimals 
Add the decimals and whole numbers to answer the questions below.
Remember to show your working you can do this by writing it in
the document or inserting a photo. 

Working and answer 
0.2 + 0.5=
0.2 + 0.5 = 0.7
0.4 + 0.1=
0.4 +  0.1 = 0.5 
0.5 + 0.3=
0.5 +  0.3 = 0.8
0.6 + 0.1=
0.6 + 0.1 = 0.7
0.7 + 0.2=
0.7 + 0.2  = 0.9
0.4 + 0.4 =
0.4 + 0.4 =  0.8
0.6 + 0.3=
0.5 + 0.3 = 0.8
3.1 + 5.7=
3.1 + 5.7 = 8.8
9.4 + 3.4=
9.4 + 3.4 = 12.8
6.8 + 5.1=
6.8 + 5.1 = 11.9
4.3 + 5.3=
4.3 + 5.3 = 9.6
1.6 +7.3=
1.6 + 7.3 = 8.9
1.2 + 3.7=
1.2 + 3.7 = 4.9
1.2 +2.2=
1.2 + 2.2 = 3.3

In these questions, your decimals add over the decimal point. 
Working and answer
0.9 +0.6
0.9 +0.6 =15
0.7 + 0.7
0.7 + 0.7 = 14
1.5 + 0.8
1.5 + 0.8 =2.3
2.9 + 0.3
2.9 + 0.3 = 3.2
1.7 + 1.8
1.7 + 1.8 = 3.5
We are learning about decimals we had to work out decimals is says up top the answers.

Algebra patterns

WALT: Recognize algebraic patterns.

We are learning about algebra patterns we had to color in the pattern on the two slides, it was really hard to find the same color. we did a growing pattern you have to follow the order. Next we had to identifying number pattern you had to identify, the number  pattern and fill in the missing number. We then had to write in and it has add and minus, which is two slides.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Mammals of north America Notes

Mammals of North america Notes
Mammal is the name given to any warm-blooded animal that has hair on its body, gives birth to live babies, and produces milk to feed its young. This group includes humans. 

These physical features mean that mammals are much better equipped than other animals for survival. Mammals change the food they eat into heat which the blood carries around the body. The mammal is therefore able to keep its body at a constant temperature no matter what the surrounding weather. The hair or fur on its body helps to hold in the heat in cold weather. Many mammals also have sweat glands which cools the skin and take heat away, allowing them to live in hot places. Every species of mammal has other special physical features that help them survive. 

Unlike other animals, mammals can be found in many different habitats. In North America habitats vary from snow in the north to forests and deserts further south. Some mammals live in burrows, some live in trees, while others wander freely through the wilderness. They will usually establish a home range or territory from which they will discourage other groups or members of their species. 

Mammals must eat all the time because they need fuel to burn to keep up their body temperature. Some eat meat, some eat only plants, and some eat both. They have a selection of food that they eat and they have worked out ways to go about collecting it. Some species are better at doing this than others and find it easier to survive. 

All mammal species have very strong instincts to reproduce. They have a mating season during which the males will fight over the females. In many cases only the strongest males get to mate which means that the babies born are strong and more likely to survive. If the species is small in size and easily caught by predators they usually have a greater number of babies to make sure that some survive. Most mammal babies grow inside the mother for many months. When the baby is born it is fed from mammary glands which deliver milk directly into the mouth of the young. 

Most animals act on instinct but mammals have the ability to learn. They are able to recognise each other and talk to each other. Because of this many mammals live in social groups or families and have rules that must be followed. Because they are fed on their mothers' milk, young mammals have a much longer childhood than other young animals that have to find their own food. This means they have the chance to copy and learn adult behaviour. 

Every species preys on other species but may also end up as food themselves. Over time, species work out how to recognise predators and avoid being eaten. Predators will often look for weak or sick animals to attack. Getting rid of these weak animals is nature’s way of keeping a species fit and healthy so that it will be able to cope with changes in the future.

Mammals always compete with each other for space especially with humans. Most large mammals cannot live in the places that man creates such as cities. Natural habitats are constantly shrinking as the human population increases and man needs more space for his activities. Man has also managed to threaten many mammal species through hunting for food and sport or because the species is considered a nuisance. In some cases species have become extinct because man has introduced species into a habitat and destroyed the balance of nature. 

All Mammal species have very strong instincts to reproduce 

Mammals are much better equipped than other animals for survival 

Mammals change the food they eat into heat which the blood carries around the body 

Mammals have to eat all the time so that they need fuel to keep the body temperature warn 

All Mammals have a different species 

Young mammals have a much longer childhood than other young animals 

Here are some notes on the bottom and the story is up to if you wanna read it.

Mammals If North America.

WALT: Identify and Paraphrase key ideas in a text.
WE are learning about different species of mammals all around earth. that why we are learning about them and what they do around earth. we watch a video of what a mammal is, once we watched that we had to answers two question about mammals and make your two own one as well. then we had to create a information web it facts of what a mammals dose it is on then next side, here  it is my information web about mammals. next is rating  I rated about remembering and create task, information web and survival. It was me my buddy from the group and my own teacher.

Introduction to decimals.

WALT: read and write decimals.
We are learning about decimals we have to write 3 reason what a decimal is and here are mine then we had to know our decimals. and practice for each number that is highlighted we had to write the value in words. We then have to convert fractions into decimals it was really hard so I got help and did it.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Free writing

We were doing free writing we had to look at 3 photos and we had to figure out what happen in the  photo we had 10 minutes to write something and this  is my work 

Monday, 2 September 2019

Blood Cells

This week we have been learning about blood cells because it is for our inquiry, on the left side there is some facts about blood cells, and on the right there are some photos of what a blood cells look's like. 

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Technology wood

I used paper and pencil to make a full size working drawing of my jewellery tree because we had to figure out which wood wood to pick and I picked a jewellery tree Mr Grundy told us to make 8 drawing so I pick jewellery tree for my mum.

I used a ruler to copy the measurements from my drawing onto the piece of wood so that it would be straight when you have to go cut it.

I marked a square line at 90 degrees across and the tool I am using is a tri square it helps makes the drawing a square shape.

I cut off the first piece of wood using a backed saw that helps us cut the wood you don't make your hands cricket all else the saw will do the same thing.

I then Marked out the jewellery tree using a tri square, pencil to mark the jolt the tri square help make it straight like a ruler the pencil is to make the line

I then cut the second thing using a wood chisel, mallet and a Marking Gauge the wood chisel is to cut the wood one by one with a mallet. A mallet is like a wood hammer, The marking Gauge is to make a mark and you have to stop at the mark.

I then used a compass to make a star on top of my work so that it is very detailed not just a plain jewellery tree that would be boring.

Mr Grundy then used glue and a claw hammer to put my 2 woods  together he needed the hammer so that it can be tight not loose when your putting stuff on it.

I then used a pencil to make 4 crosses down and up the 4 crosses down is for the dowel and the 4 crosses up is for the hooks.

Mr Grundy used dowel and a claw hammer the claw hammer you have to make it tight so it  won't  fall out the dowel is for stuff like your earnings and other stuff.

I then used hooks to hook it on to the 4 top crosses I had to twist and  turn it around so that it can be stable and tight so it won't fall down while your doing something with it.

I then used sandpaper to make it not prickle and make it smooth so that when kids touch it they won't get sprinters when they want to touch it.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Reconnecting the brain

WALT: gather, synthesis and evaluate information across a range of text.

We are reading about Reconnecting the brain there was there this girl name Dr Melanie Cheung we had to do all different kinds of task I hope you like it.

Interview Of Dr Melanie Cheung

We are doing a Interview of Dr Melanie Cheung She is a Neurologist watch the video if want to know more about Dr Melanie Cheing and our Interview

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Circumference and area

We are learning about Circumference and Area of circles The that I found was that I didn't know what pi was, But I know now it is a number of 3.14 it was really hard for me so I ask my teacher. He help me through the first question but Then I got used to is, And I got all of them right.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Villi information

we are talking about Villi There are little things in your intestine that what they look like inside, Down below is some photos of what it looks like. on the left side There are some facts about Villi, on the right side Of what I Learned about Villi and Farting. 

Perimeter,Area and Voume

we Had to figure out the Perimeter, area and volume of each shape the first thing we did was perimeter we had to watch a video and told us what you learned about Perimeter, Area and volume The hardest one was the triangle the answers was 48.

Friday, 23 August 2019

De - extension

WALT: express an opinion on a topic I talked about a Dodo I said "why Dodo should not be extinct and here is my reason why that shouldn't be extinct they were not scared of human, that why it was an easy advantage to eat the dodo that is a very sad story.

Area, Perimeter and Volume

WALT:Calculate the Perimeter and Area of any shape. We were talking about Area, Perimeter and volume area you have to times it perimeter you have to add all the sides and Volume That what I want to know about so please, help me if I get it wrong I had to create a movie I was talking about how I got the answers.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Mrs Moala told us to make an octopus show I did a google drawing, I did some facts and then What we learned about Octopus, on the right side is facts and the other side is what we learned about Octopus and some photos down below.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Name Project

This is my name we had to do a name project it took me 4 weeks to do this because it was very hard for me I got help from lao lao I had to check the perimeter and the area it took a while to do because I had to color it then do it.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019


We talked about Zebrafish the question Does the eye at different ages have the same number of layers. I said yes here are my answers on the slide and what we know about zebra fish on the right side there is a photo down below.

Healing Honey

We had to talk about healing honey I had to do 4 subheading slide they were called What is Manuka honey, Inventing a honey bandage, Ora honey and Rongoa. It took me two days to do. this then the last side I had to do a poster of Manuka honey. I said Why Manuka honey is good for you. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Persuasion Map

Today we did a Pesuasion Map our title was more time for morning tea here is my introduction then my main reasons, facts or examples and the conclusion It was so cool because I love writing so we had to read, write and think and that what I did this is my Persuasion Map.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Measuring Triangle

WALT: Measure the angles of a triangle We had to do 6 slides they were really hard to do so I ask the teachers and she helped me all the way they we did a slide that all 4 of the corners have to equal 360 then the next one all three sides it has to equal 180 it has really hard to do.

Fragile web of life

Things began to grow tiny Little microbes to massive creatures Light, Energy, water and air makes our lives possible species developed and evolved in different habitat over million of years. Animals were on earth before us if we have no pollinators and bees we will have no tigers in one year in 3 years we will be gone us humans that why we need bees. Bees are as important as tigers also all species will be extinct in 30ish years later. Did you know 300 Species die every day some because trees are cut down. We have never had this amount on earth before man is creating a new world.

That is why the air is poisoned and the water polluted. Did you know all animals play a part which means have a specific purpose. All living beings are connected together humans need to share the land to animals. On the bottom of the food chain animals breed more often at the top of the food chain animals breed less often. The world is in our hands what we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

we did science we had to talk about the web of life this is my paragraph 1-2 I did 2 because I love writing here is a photo of me, Thida and deelani we had to sort out where dose the photo's go we got some wrong because I just started but we finished it but not the snail and this is my writing of 2 paragraph of the web of life.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Cook Island

We had to do a cook island poster this is my poster my friend helped me because I didn't know much about cook island I have put on food, the flag, a flower, map and patterns my friends(Marie) did the one on the bottom right Conner and top left Conner she gave me ideas about the flower and the food.

Stand Up

we were talking about A history of protest in New Zealand we went all the way to 1881 to 1960 it was very hard to do as well.I tried my best we could find who it was on 1960 because it didn't say in the book. All the others I knew because they were In the book.

Plants That heal

we are talking about plants that heal when you have a sore leg you can find some aloe Vera and put it on your skin so that it can heal if you have no medicine it is very good for your skin of if you have a bug bite gram some lavender it will do the same thing to your skin it will fully heal for you.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Persuasive Writing

This is my writing we had to learn about what do you want to change at home, school, classroom, community and the world also we had to talk about more recess like why do we need more time for eatting

Monday, 5 August 2019

Measuring Angles

Measuring Angles we did measuring angels it took forever because we had to do 20 of them I got lost but then got used to them.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Timetable song

I did a times table song it was for math it was very easy that was my first try I almost messed up at the end but I did it I had to put a song on the doc then write it then I had to sing it. That was so much fun to do. 


we had to use a time table to solve multiplication problems we had to take some time to think about a faster way to solve larger multiplication problems these are my ones then we had to find the area and perimeter of the shape we had to do 4 slides they were very hard I had to ask my friends for some help.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Digital Dig

In cyber smart we are learning about keyboard shortcuts like how to copy, paste, cut, select all and many more other stuff. I also wanted to be an Artist because I like drawing stuff that why I want to be an Artist.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Tree of Life

The Tree of life is used to explain the relationship between
the different species on earth.
The Tree of Life is huge. It stands 145 feet tall, and at the base it is 50 feet wide.
Did you know each leaf is over a foot wide. On the bark there
is all different animals like a hippo,tigers,lions,apes and many more.
It took 18 months just to make the tree that is a very long time for a tree to grow.
That is so cool because I wouldn’t want to wait
for the tree to grow bigger and bigger. 

This term we are learning about the tree of life.So far,
I know that the tree of life is a tree with animals of the bark.
Also it is 145 feet tall. A leaf is over a foot wide that is very wide.

Friday, 26 July 2019


We did multiplication it was very hard to solve I needed a little help from my friend and she help me do it that why I finished it just in time so that I can go on to the next work.

Thursday, 25 July 2019


This is my DMIC post I am going to explain how much tape does Mr J need to have to mark out each rectangle on the floor fir the painters. So we  went thorough the question and then we talked what our answer was.

Immersion Assembly

Yesterday we had Immersion assembly For a new day or term 3 first thing we did is we talked about fish because the koreo is somethings in the water and it went to team 1 to team 5 but when it was happening he talked to us about different kind of fishes when they finished talking on the microphone there are heaps of kinds.

then team 2 came on it was a long walk for them because it was far far away and once they got there they went to go feed the pekoe and the ducks BUT you have to feed them on land once they finished they went though something and saw small insects on leafs.

then it went to team five the teachers sang a song it went to CELL , NUCLEUS , CHROMOSOME, DNA and GENE it was a amazing song that was there first time singing they didn't even practice I was amazed they did that and we are learning about How are all living organisms connected.


Pseudoscience Task
Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts
Work on this Doc together with a partner.

What was the author's main message in pseudoscience

That chocolate doesn't actually help your memory the coco beans help your memory because cocoa beans into chocolate destroys the flavanols, also there is heaps of fat and sugar that why it is not good for old people so there is no evidence that chocolate help your memory

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?

It helps you find out if it is true of false
Sometimes you have to lie about product
It tells what has high or low calories
Have High Calories

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

I’ve learnt that you can make healthy chips you need low-fat chips and regular chips. You can make it with 2 sheets of grease proof papers.also I didn’t know that chocolate helps your memory well I know it’s not true but what happens if it was there would be heaps of people with chocolate.I learned that people had to lie about their product so that they can be rich

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Friday, 5 July 2019

School Holidays

YESSS finally it the school holidays it was very tired and school because all you had to do is work, work and work it was really hard for me at reading because I needed glasses but they were opening in school holidays I have to thank all the teachers for helping us learn new things and getting better and stuff I done all of my math. reading and home classes the best day ever because we had shared lunch everyone did that was a best day I had with all the students and Mrs Moala I am going to do holiday blogging because I am bored thanks for reading.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Add and subtract fractions and decimals

this is my last math it was really hard but I tried I asked Mrs Moala for some help and finished just in time before home It was the best math class

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Matariki day

Today at Matariki we drew green stones and hooks I drew both we had to paint it it was so cool.

First we had to have a assembly then Mrs Ilaoa told us which group we are in so we had to pick up the kids that were in our room I was In Room 19 with Miss Eadie, Mr Somerville said that Miss Eadie was the best artist I was amazed I was with angel. We had to sketch the out line then we painted It, I did both of the drawing and Miss Eadie helped me   then we had morning tea, after lunch we started putting another coat of paint and waited then when it got dry we glued the outside line and put the glitter on I used green glitter because I used green paint I used White on the other one, I was done my first one but forgot to do my white one I rushed so I did the glitter first but I didn't do the coat first but Miss Eadie helped me. When I finished I went outside and played with the chalk it was really fun

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Narrate Story

On a sunny day there was a giant that was only a little, tiny kid and all of the people in the city that they lived in, everyone was scared of him because he was too big he might break stuff and house, His name was richard he has long hair ear like a normal human would have, his eyes are hazel but very big to see stuff, he is wearing rags which are ripped when his dad and mum left him because there was an attack happening and they didn’t want him to die. He was very lonely and wanted to play with someone he got an idea and wanted to help people but there to scared. In the forest he wished he was small enough to do it. He saw animals in the forest they look different from him because the animals have fur and he doesn't he knew. They weren't scared of him. But something went wrong every time he tried to help those animals. He would always do something wrong like a raccoon for an example. He wants leftovers but he would be scared of the people he is thinking that when he comes out from the darkness (because it is shady) they would mock him and make fun of him for being a giant. The forest was a good place to meet animals there they are very lovely to meet. It has loads of trees and holes in them because squirrels and woodpeckers. There leaves on trees so that the tree can grow long into thick, long trees. So everytime he wanted

to help a person they would just run away. He hated being a giant but the animals loved him very much. They didn’t want him to be like a human. So they won’t hunt him. They wanted him to be himself but he thought about it and he had friends it was animals, he was himself, he had a home and no one was left behind. He had the life he wanted and loved it when that happened the people in the city loved him as well they would sew him clothes so he doesn't have to stay in those clothes he started. He really wanted to be human be loved being a giant the most. Ever since the giant came the people were getting more happier and the giant made new human friends and animals. The animals were also able to come at the city the humans were really happy that they all got together as one and no one got killed because animals were there were living there happiest life but one by one there were getting really sick so all of the animals and the giant had to get back to the forest they said there last goodbyes to all of the people and the giant was crying because he had to leave his human friends behind. The giant friends said “ we will visit you in the forest “ and off the giant went also the animals. They all came back together and had even more paint like use there hand to paint it was the giants best day and it went on forwards until the end. The animals were they because they wanted to make the giant happy every animal agreed to that is how all the animals were friends with the giant the peoples were really happy they knew that there was something love inside him.

Blog Analysis

Today we did Blog Analysis so that every could see i am doing very well at blogging

Monday, 1 July 2019

Setting Description

Setting Description


First, think of things you can see in this picture.

Then imagine something that fits this scene, but is not in the picture.

Then you are going to write descriptive sentences that describe the scene as a piece of writing.

Three things you can see in this picture

One thing you imagine

1. Tree Trunks

2. Leaves

3. Grass

4. animals


Tall, towering, thick, crust, bold, breathtaking, enchanting, flagrant, fresh, nature, gorgeous, blooming, native, pruned, ready-to-bloom, vibrant, stunning, shade, crisp, crunchy, fall, autumn, spring, summer, cut, growth, decay, rotten

Start here:In this picture you can see tall, towering, thick, Tree and little fresh, nature, blooming branches on each side. When you feel the tree it is hard like stone but it is bark like at every playground when it is stormy they will be whistling at midnight and the trees will be blowing the leaves start coming off like autumn but there not dying yet. When you are walking through the forest you can see dirt on the ground but only a little dirt. The dirt helps the tree Trunks Grow into long thick tree trunks. The dirt also helps make the grass grow so it can make beautiful flowers on the ground the grass taste were green and it feels very pointy to touch if it is very long it smells like chemical defenses and first aid. The leaves are very important because they provide food for the whole tree if they die the tree isn’t able to grow anymore. The leaves taste like grass and it feels very smooth it smells like a fresh apple. It is very good to protect you from the rain if it is rainy but they have to be really big for yourself. There are gonna be woodpeckers are gonna peck there hole and the squires are gonna put there nuts in the hole they are gonna share the food and holes together but the woodpecker did his own home so they have food and there own homes there are gonna be native birds on the branches and singing birds fly around to get a better view of this Stunning, Shade Forest