Monday, 29 April 2019

Immersion Assembly

This term we are learning about where in the longitude the meaning is the angular distance of a place east or west and latitude is the same this as longitude but it is opposite like the angular distance of a place north or south and assembly we had all of the teams do there movie they were really creative and adventuring and our one was about going around places and getting degrees of how hot or cold it is next term i want to see it but i didn't really get to see it because i am really small so maybe next time? i really like the robot of BB-8 inside was Mr Jacobsen and it was really funny for the little kids and the big ones i think? we could really thanks the team 5 teachers for making our movie for us and picking our work this term.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


I disagree because why would they sell cold food in march and when you eat the pineapple ice cream in a cold weather it is going to be to cold to eat it. Same as the chop suey why would they eat chop suey in the hot weather it will be too hot to eat. and the best one to eat is panikeke because you can eat in the cold weather and the hot weather.

i think they were sold on February because they really liked it on hot days so you will get nice and cold and on cold days it because they must of have a heater of something to make them really hot thats what it think. 

Thanks to Mrs Moala because she helped me all this year and my work is always done so anyways this week (on week 10 ) we had to answer Question and figure it out it was really hard for me but the Question is up top Mrs Moala i tried my best doing it. Next time i will do it on a paper so you can see it properly  


Friday, 5 April 2019

Pie Graphs

We are doing pie graphs to read and organised data in a pie graph it was really hard for me to do it so i needed a little of help to do this and i asked Mrs Moala. and it was my turn to create a pie graph and i fished it it was hard and easy at the same tim. Thanks to Mrs Moala

Stem and Leaf Graphs

we did a steam and leaf graph it was just me because i was in my homeroom doing this so it was really hard to do because i didn't get it at the time but I got use to it and got better and better and i got to do one by myself. So i did it and i used a dice and started to do it i answers all the Question and I really thanked Mrs Moala because i always asked her to help me. THANK YOU Mrs Moala