Tuesday, 25 September 2018


me and faga collaboration with each other it was so fun we were working hard

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Google Earth

Today is the 4th of September Room 6 is going on Google Earth.

On Google Earth we got to see roads and see the cities, this was fun and my one was mount Albert it was a waterfall with hill on top of the waterfall with some nice trees for the backround

mane: Oakley creek waterfall
where it is: Mount Albert
How tail it is: 6 m
information about it:

  • it is 6 cm meters tall on google earth but in real life it might be tall as 
  • it is very breezily when you go next to it you can also have picnic here
  • it is in Mount Albert next to some small hills and some grass growing on the little hills.
  • you can come here anytime if you want to take a dive in the waterfall which is beautiful

why you should come here: you should come her because it colorful and it in mount Albert.It a beautiful waterfall to see and you can come here to feel the breeze that why you should come here.