Friday, 27 October 2017

Pan pipes

Have you ever made pan pipes before? On wednesday 25th of october.Room 8 literacy were making pan pipes.For a fun recount was so fun I was trying to make it but no in didn’t the best one was everyone's pan pipes.

MIss parrant was showing us a movie to make pan pipes we needed to sit on a chair and a table to watch the movie.To make the pan pipe we need 8 straws a cardboard,scissors and tape.we watched the it was finish the we started to do it as well.

first we had to grab 8 straws then you will need to cut the bending bit of the end of it.then you cut the straws a different length then you cut the point at each straw.So you can blow into it that why it is called a pan pipe.

It is time to get a cardboard and lay the straws on the cardboard.last but not least you need sticky tape to put it on the cardboard with the straws then stick the tape on the cardboard you could put two on to make it stronger you write your name.Then we tested the sound my sound like nothing.

I learnt how to make pan pipes.Also I enjoyed it I was so happy because we made pan pipes yesterday.I hope you want to make pan pipes as well thanks for watching.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Music madness

On Monday the 16th of October the whole of Pt England School went to the hall to have an assembly.We watched the teachers acting silly.I am going to have fun this term.   

Today we went in the hall to have assembly and the theme was called musical madness.We had to go to the hall to have some fun.First there was a band and in the band was a electric guitar also some drums a normal guitar an tambourine and Mr Burt and Mrs Nua was singing and last but not least the flute.Team 1 was playing snap and dancing when music comes on it was crazy.Then it was team 2 turn they were playing in the jungle they had a cool background after team 2 turn it was team 3 turn they were doing a story using songs.The last team was team 5 they were doing a movie called lion king they were playing different music it was so funny.   

Team 4 are learning about Instruments and sound.It was team 4 movie it was funny plus they were playing music They were taking turns on driving the car also they were dancing and singing.They had Instruments making songs and having fun.

Music make me happy.I want to learn how to play a violin and a ukulele.I want to learn these because I want to be in the band.

I think it is an awesome theme. I can’t wait to find out more about how music is made.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

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