Thursday, 14 March 2019

ASB Poly fest

Yesterday the Year 7 and 8 people went to ASB poly fest were went to to groups of 4 we also had some amazing parent helpers  to come with us it was a really sunny day and very hot we went into our groups of 4 i was with Mrs Tele"a group the best group we had to share a bag each i shared with Daniella. So we got ready and went outside the gates to go on the buses we had three buses to jump on because we are a really big team.So we were the last one to jump on the bus we took of all i heard was talk talk talk sing sing sing and i was very quite. Then we got to ASB poly fest there was a problem when we went there something went wrong the people were suppose to give us the tickets but we never got any. So we had a talk and we were able to go through the girls in the front gave us some tickets and a map to put on our risks and look for some places we got into lines of 2 or 4 so we could fit. When we were in our lines Mrs Tele"a and Whaea Kelly put the tickets on our risks. So we had our ASB People taking us to our activities. After we fished our activities We had morning tea after morning tea We went back to the place in our lines and we did a dances battle. We had profession dances that could learn us when we were all finished we had lunch some people got Apple Juice like a LITER even though were not aloud Anyways when we finished our lunch we rested for 5 or 10 min so we can take a photo of all of the schools. So when we all got in the arena we took photos Heaps of photos. After we took photos we went into groups after we got into our groups we all went to go buy some stuff they were really expensive like $10 or $20 i got nothing because of that. After Mrs Tele'a gave us donuts because she was really kind it was very hot but we still ate it when we finished eating the donuts we got ready to take off so we walked to the bus and we were the last one again we gave the bus driver a donuts he really liked it. So we got droped off and say thank you to the bus man and we went back to our class to get ready for home.From punaiuru. Here are some photos

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