Monday, 7 November 2016


Yesterday on friday the bugs and the superheros was making Muffins.We learned how to make Muffins.To make Muffins we need a bowl.Then we put the edmands flour in the bowl and then we cracked some eggs we had to put 3 eggs in the bowl.With the flour then we needed some water and then we had a wooden spoons and mixed it.Until it is soft and then we put in the chocolate chips in it. then mixes then it is finnish and then we put the cupcakes holders in the cupcake tin.Then we put the cupcake mixture in the cupcakes holders.Then mrs mackinlay put then in the oven for like 5 or 10 mins and then mrs mackinlay let it cool down and then we had it at the afternoon and we ate in it was so nice it was burnt under the cupcake holders the end.

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