Monday, 12 December 2016

The book with no pictures by b.j.Novak

Today went to to the hall and we read so book and thank you teacher for the reading and I wish you a merry Christmas.

I like the book with no pictures because it has very funny words and they were no pictures.But it was still funny it makes me laugh.That is why I like the book and it also funny when miss Davis says it with a strange voice.That's why it makes me excited and very,very,very funny you are a funny teacher miss Davis you're a funny teacher.    

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  1. I like how you did this in the texting and well done on you

  2. Kia ora Punaiuru,

    Ko Mark taku ingoa, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey programme you were signed up for at the end of term this year. I just saw this post and I also really want to read this book! I'm sure I've commented on someone else's post who likes this same book!

    In any case, I wanted to use this opportunity to say hello and let you know that you can join in on the programme anytime, and that I do hope to see you online sometime soon. The are heaps of interesting activities about travel which I know you'll be really good at. Try use some of that humour of yours in your answers and we'll both have a laugh!

    I hope you're having a lovely holiday and good luck for next year, just in case I don't see you online this year.

    Kia kaha!