Thursday, 30 November 2017

week 6 recount

On Tuesday the year 6 went to camp to have fun we were getting ready for the trip on Wednesday it was the orchestra with some acrobatics.

On Wednesday the year fives went to the trip and it was amazing. it was an orchestra with some acrobatics about A girl and a boy dancing to music and using hula hoop and they we flying i was scared when they went up i thought he was going to fall down.Then we went on the bus and when we stopped at the lights we sore an ancient.When we got back to school we cleaned up the class then we watched some movie.

On Thursday we played cool maths games then we had dance practice when we finished we went in to class and went to go have lunch.Then we toke room 7 time for sports then we finished we went back to class and watch some more movies.then we heard the bell rang.

On friday we had assembly and we had dance practice.Then after we had dance practice we went back to class we had 3 choices play cool maths game coloring in or playing with some cards when i was picking i saw a game it was called game of awesome it is a game is that you have to pick a card and put down and we had to try and match it. Then we had to stop look and listen to our teacher then we packed up for home we got a treat.

I enjoyed dance practice because it was fun and on tuesday because we had to play volleyball.Also I enjoyed coloring in and play cards and cool maths games.

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