Monday, 12 September 2016

On Saturday we were playing games with my cousin called Hilda-Rose.We were playing outside with the ball we were playing handball and soccer and the girls won the game of soccer and the boys won the game of handball and it was so much fun.My cousin and me was watching Movie Scary Movie then when the Scary Movie was done we went to go on the Trampoline and Layed down on the trampoline and then we went inside and played on the net book we have two net books one is on the TV and the other one is two play on it and I was on that one. But on the TV one you can tap the screen.then when it was time to have a bath I ran into the bath and then we had dinner and then I brush my teeth and then I brush my hair and said goodnight to my mum and dad then I went to bed for a sleep.Then on Sunday we wake up and had church and then we had some burgers and drink for lunch and then we had Dessert what was in it was Chocolate and Yogurt and grapes and it was so nice and yummy and so Delicious I could not Stop eating it.then we went outside to play a game we were playing hide and seek when it was cold we Starting to go inside then when I was night time we went in the car to go my aunt's house then we had church again at night time then when crunch was done we were playing tag with my little cousin brother called doll he is so cute then we went back home and had dinner with another drink then I went to go to brush my teeth and then we went to say goodnight to my mum and dad then we took the net book to watch a cartoon then we went to be the End.


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  1. hi Punaiuru your wiriting is great.Make sure that you try your best and keep up the great work.